Nutrition Counseling

Our counselors give you personalized guidance to help you eat healthy, delicious meals.
Nutrition counseling is more than just general nutrition advice. It is personalized guidance based on an assessment of the your unique circumstances. Our dietitians take into consideration your nutrition, daily life rhythm, activity level, body health, conditioning, physical exercises, medication, and other factors.

Healthy food does not have to be dull. Our certified nutrition consultants or registered dietitians will help you plan meals that fit your lifestyle and nutrition goals without compromising taste.

how nutrition counseling can help you

Nutrition counseling can be helpful for anyone, but it may be medically necessary in certain circumstances. For example, nutrition counseling may be part of preparing for a surgery or other medical procedure. Your doctor may also recommend nutrition counseling as part of the post-surgery recovery process, where a healthy lifestyle and a good diet can have a large impact on the speed of your recovery. Proper nutrition is also essential in the management of certain illnesses. 

Even when not medically required, nutrition counseling can help you reach life goals, improve your health, optimize your physical conditioning and endurance, and bring your body to the next level. 
In general, every patient has at least one goal when coming to nutrition counseling, and the whole process varies with each patient. For example, weight loss requires a different approach than post-surgical recovery. Nutrition counseling takes into account your unique goals and situation. 

The nutritional counseling process will vary depending on your goals, lifestyle, health, medical history, state of mind, and, of course, all the work you put into achieving your goals.

Nutrition Counseling can help manage many conditions, including:

  • Allergies
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pregnancy
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Cancer
  • Obesity or overweight
  • Menopause

Benefits from Nutrition Counseling sessions

While some patients come to Phoenix Medical Centers for general nutrition consultation, many others come because of an illness or disease. Over the years we have been helping our patients with diets, nutrition education, and improved lifestyle, so they can overcome their condition. These are some of the many benefits our patients experience from our nutrition counseling sessions.

Get rid of old habits

Part of being at consultation is having a person listening to your problems and situation. Our experienced professional nutritionists know what you are going through and all the struggles you have suffered from your condition. Maybe you are obese, maybe you faint during the day at work and lose jobs for lack of performance, or maybe you suffer from body shame.

Whatever reason brings you here you, there are many routines, unwanted behaviors, or habits related to nutrition and lifestyle that helped put you in that situation. One of our goals is to get rid of those old habits and fill your daily activities with new healthy ones. We provide you with tools to never fall back into those routines so you can keep a healthier life.

Healthy, tasty food

What a combo! Here at Phoenix Medical Centers, our certified nutrition consultant and our registered dietitian not only provide you with what you need in terms of a healthy nutrition for your recovery process or whatever goal you have in life, we also make sure tasty food is on the menu. Chicken, fish, meat, delicious fruits, eggs, pasta, rice and more, can be part of your healthy diet.

Do not worry, we have in mind delicious dishes for you so you can enjoy your diet, and move toward a healthier life.

Prevent illness & boost your energy

Body functioning throughout the day has a lot to do with our food choices and lifestyle. From energy levels to illness prevention and disease fighting, our decisions will determine the outcome.

So it is very important we get all the nutrients necessary to perform our daily activities. This requires us to follow a nutrition and exercise plan to get the job done and achieve our goals.

Understand your body

When you are studying or working all day long, there is little time to learn about yourself unless your activities are related to understanding your body.

You need to know your body, types of foods you can eat, best diets and dishes for your consumption, your nutritional needs during different activities, body and mind performance, detection and response to illness, and much more.

what to expect during your Nutrition counseling APPOINTMENT

  • We will examine your situation and discuss your problems.
  • We will check your medical records and medication and see how it all relates to your current situation.
  • We will consider your activity level and how your daily activities may influence your condition.
  • We will talk about your goals and desired results.
  • We will work to establish a nutritional plan for you to start with new healthy behaviors, a starting point to treat your weak areas and bad habits while reinforcing the things you are doing well.
  • We also will be talking about your long term goals, next steps, and the number of sessions you will need. 
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