Annual Physicals

Yearly doctor checkups are essential. We make them easy.
Everyone needs an annual wellness checkup, but fitting one into your schedule can be difficult. That's why Phoenix Medical Centers makes it easy, with flexible appointment scheduling, an in-house lab, and convenient transportation options.

What to expect during your annual physical

A physical checkup includes a thorough physical examination, a review of your personal and family medical history, and a brief discussion of your overall health, lifestyle, habits, and choices.


Our doctors will perform the necessary checkups, which include:

  • Taking your vital signs, blood pressure, heart rate.
  • Checking your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.
  • Checking your vision and hearing.
  • Examining your skin for probable skin problems, moles, and growths.
  • Recording your height, weight, and body mass.

With all this information, our doctors can easily determine your medical needs and recommend the care, immunizations, tests, and lifestyle changes you need.

benefits of Annual Physicals

One of the best things about regular physical exams is the exchange of information that occurs in the doctor-patient discussion. Our doctors are experts in the field and they will always have specific answers to your questions and concerns to better guide you in healthy living practices. Significantly, they can shed light on anything that you might be doing in your personal or professional life that could be putting you at risk for developing health problems.
Don't miss the chance to experience all of this at Phoenix Medical Centers. Feel free to contact us or visit us at our facilities and have the opportunity to be seen by qualified physicians who have years of experience in identifying and treating many common illnesses and injuries in different medical fields.
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how to Prepare for Your Annual Physical

To make the most of your time with your doctor, here are a few things you can do in advance to prepare for your appointment.


Take the time to think about what you’re feeling. Make sure to note down all your health-related concerns prior to talking with your doctor.


List down all the medications that you have been taking, including prescription drugs and over the counter pills, vitamins, and supplements.


It’s important that you communicate with your family members regarding their personal medical history. This way you can have important and relevant information to discuss with your doctor that might relate to genetic predispositions.


Review your medical history. Doing this can help you keep track of your upcoming appointments. Check your allergies. Take notes on the surgeries you have received, detailing the exact dates they were performed and the doctors who treated you.

Our healthcare services

Why Us?

Phoenix Medical Centers delivers world-class care at your convenience. We provide comprehensive primary care and lab testing in our office or on-site at your Tampa Assisted Living Facility.  Our outstanding medical team, in-house lab, flexible scheduling, central location, and transportation service make it easy for you to get the quality care you need.

Transportation Available

Phoenix Medical Centers offers Medicare patients convenient transportation to and from our facilities. We can accommodate people with special needs or disabilities.

24/7 On Call Assistance

At Phoenix Medical Centers, availability and fast response are our hallmarks. For non-emergency care, you can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bilingual Doctors & Staff

Phoenix Medical Centers works to eliminate language barriers. Our doctors, nurses, and other staff are sensitive to speakers of other languages and most are fluent in Spanish and English. 

Comprehensive Healthcare Services

Phoenix Medical Centers is your one-stop primary care solution, offering comprehensive care in our office or on-site at your assisted living facility.
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Multiple Insurances

We accept 5 of the major traditional Medicare insurances, including Aetna and Wellcare. We also accept major commercial insurance services, including Cigna and others.
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20+ Years of Experience

At Phoenix Medical Centers, our award-winning, board-certified doctors and licensed staff have decades of experience. You can rest assured that you are getting the best possible care.
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